Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Snowy Ice at Hanbing, Korean Dessert Cafe, IOI City Mall

Passed by several times in the past and finally felt compelled to try their Green Tea Bingsu after spotting someone inside having a bowl.

The cafe is packed with small square tables and red/black low-back chairs originally popularised by Japanese modern designers.

Brightly lit yet not glaringly so, the place seemed open and clean, thanks to its unfussy design and flat orderly table layout.

Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe calls their bingsu Green Tea Snowy Ice and despite the relatively hefty price tag of RM24 for a bowl, it turned out to be an interesting delight. Their menu informs that their Snowy Ices takes 10-20minutes to prepare but mine arrived in less than that.

And what a sight to behold when the Powdery mossy-green Matcha galore arrives at my table.

The texture was amazing, cool and smooth with a slightest crystalline mouthfeel. To my surprise, the Matcha was not just dusted on. Instead it was a proper concoction that was then given the 'snowing' treatment.

Looking carefully at the ice, one could see the beautiful lattices and struts that gives it amazing mouthfeel.

The thick, rich redbean paste scoop on the ice added more earthy flavour while adding a gentle sweetness. Inside, I discovered gems of slivered roasted almonds (so crispy it remained so despite sitting in liquid) and squishy, chewy bites of glutinous rice cubes rolled in dry roasted soya powder.

Each flavour profile and texture worked in concert to create such a beguiling dessert. Matcha powder often leaves a green astringent and bitter aftertaste, but this one did not. I attribute this to the green tea powder being mixed in the water and milk base that makes up the basis of a Bingsu. I had originally planned to savour it slowly but in the end the bowl lasted about 15 minutes of my slow but sure scooping.


Hanbing now also serves a Musang King Snowy Ice. This said, my heart forever remains with the Green Tea/Matcha version.

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