Saturday, 25 April 2015

Gourmet Home-made Dinner

Tenderloin steak topped with caramelised onion jam and accompanied with sides of cajun spiced potato wedges, fresh carrot and cabbage slaw, sauteed asparagus and cherry tomatoes.

Good ballast.
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Recruitment Blues

We recently undertook an exercise to recruit a few new personnel for the resort.

The were many applicants with varying levels of expertise and experience. After much review, a few select individuals were shortlisted for final interview.

This too came and went successfully.

Then the adventure began. The new recruits, being young and relatively green, floundered under the demands of the work. Things were not properly carried out. Timelines were not met.

Review discussions were done to analyse and pinpoint problem areas, with the ultimate intention of improving efficiency.

Alas, to date no real measurable improvement can be found. Lack of cohesiveness and esprit de corps seems to be the leading causes as to why the team is not functioning properly.

Being a believer of the 'Together For The Team' mantra, it is hard to see and hear of the new recruits being evasive, demanding and all round lazy.

One was even heard saying that he was not used to doing things personally this way. So what use was your years of classroom and practical training? Your certification?


Apalah nasib bangsa aku.

Orang lain berlumba-lumba menggunakan peluang untuk memajukan diri. Tapi di sini semua terlalu pandang enteng.

Saying that this is the problem affecting most of Langkawi men is myopic and blithely ignorant but it may ring true because after more than 2 years here, I am slowly beginning to see proof of malady indeed.

Not all is lost however, there are a few shining gems in the mix. So I must learn to use their strengths and let them become examples to look up to.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Makan Time Bonding

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to bring a few of my team members down to KL for a company family day.

After all the festivities were concluded, the bunch of us were ravenous and went hunting for some R&R and window shopping.

We settled for the new IOI City Mall and was pleasant surprised with the size and wealth of choice in the complex.

Plenty of walking later, we chanced upon Seoul Garden and quickly got ourselves some tukka.

We ate boatloads of food. Obviously.


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