Sunday, 30 June 2013

Langkawi Chronicles: Sweet Saturday Going Away!

Saturday saw the departure of a small group of young men and ladies from my resort. We feted their going off with a small gift of 'Aiskrim Malaysia' (which is a frozen confection of anything sweet - leftover pengat or sweet bubur, cordials and others) to the kids (they really were only 25 years old at most). Loved the fact that they found the snack to be interesting and fun. 

Happy young men & ladies!
Slurping em goodies!
Dr J & Happy camper!
Interesting to note that many were a little unsure how to go about eating the treats (which only served to make me feel like OLD!) but thankfully Dr J was around to give pointers on how to attack the ice-sticks. 

They were the first group to be given the treats and it certainly looks to be a winner. Lets do this again for the next group!
Ciao guys, jumpa lagi.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Of Tootin' One's Own Horn.

A few interesting characters passed through my doors recently, where there was one person who was so interested to share the fact that one is ahem, known by several Datuks and Tan Sris.

Of the fact that one possesses vast experience and knowledge in various fields of discipline. And how multi-skilled and talented they are. And the need to state their opinions on everything, solicited or otherwise.

What was really weird here is that I am not too sure he was trying to impress anyone, but rather, more of wanting to share. To offer an insight so to speak.

Which lead me to some measure of navel gazing. I can be considered a voluble person, loving to regale with stories of fun and disaster (usually in my own peculiarly self-deprecating manner).

At what point, does one's sharing of personal stories and self accomplishment (in the interest of sharing for discussion or illustration) changes into blowing one's own horn and becomes all about grandstanding?

Self Promotion vs Self Aggrandizing


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Err what?


Of living and work

It has been a wonderful near 7 months in this new job of mine. Several commendations so far from customers and clients. But I cant seem to shake off the feeling that something is still missing.

I am enjoying my blocks of being alone in Langkawi when I Mom returns to KL. I get to just relax and chill and not have to give a care about what others want and wish. Quite liberating really. But there are many things I am missing.

My friends for one, from school and MH. Some of which I have formed such close bonds. I think I can still hang on here in Langkawi but I not too sure how long I can take it. Moments of quiet can seem way too quiet at times.

Loneliness, would be a wrong label to apply here. More of a nagging there could be more out there kinda thing. What does it really mean to be free really? I have always wondered.

Away from family, friends, to just be me. I would probably lose my head very quickly if at all. So why does something that feels so right - earning better pay, doing something new, making new friends, feel so lackluster?

Years ago, I lamented that I felt like too little butter spread over too much bread. Now I feel like there isn't any more butter to go around. Could it be I am missing her so badly?

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Langkawi Chonicles: 6 Months and counting.

Hard to believe I have been here almost 7 months. Seemed like only yesterday I found myself searching for an abode in Langkawi.

Work has been fun, hard at times but thoroughly enjoyable just the same. I am thankful for the challenges and opportunities sent our way. Several high level training sessions had been very successfully handled by my small team here. Gaining small accolades along the way. Growing from success to success.

We were recently awarded a Rating of 4.1/5.0 for Customer Satisfaction, the highest ever score in the 7 year history of Sri Kijang. Today, we are about to conclude another group, and signals suggest another feather in our collective hats. And all because of the changing mindset and attitudes of the entire team here, myself included.

I am certainly not as caustic and angry as I once was, cooled to a low simmer rather. :)
My team are also coming around to the fact that all their hard work is appreciated by our customers.

Sure, there are miles yet to go, but we will get there. Mountains would need to be moved (or excavated through) and I hope to be able to be in the thick of it all.

There are many things I miss about KL and the life I left behind. Little things mostly - Daiso, San Francisco Coffee, the various Food and Beverages options among others, yet I find many things  Langkawi does well in its own way - Kopi Ais, for instance, is nice and thick and wonderfully rich.

See new things by seeing with new eyes.