Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Out & About: Dinner at Waroeng Ayam Penyet, Langkawi

What happens when one is hungry and bored to pieces on a Monday evening.

Go out and eat, that's what!

This place is located in Langkawi Mall, at level 1. The staff are friendly and the food is consistent in quality. Good things to have in my book.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Out & About: Dinner at Haroo Story Langkawi

Decided at the very last moment to grab an early dinner with Mom yesterday. I let her decide this time as I selected the spot in our last makan-makan jaunt.

She chose Haroo Story, the Korean Culture Cafe in Langkawi Fair, as she had a hankering for some spicy food.

Upon arrival we were welcomed by the smiling and lanky waiter who led us to our table. This halal-sourced meats restaurant (a thing in Langkawi, whereby most meats are Halal slaughtered and prepared) features sparse and open style of decorating, which I found to be agreeable. A quick peek at the menu later and we had our minds made.

Barely 5 minutes after our drinks arrived, the dishes arrived in quick succession (food preparation here is usually quick) heralded first with complimentary thin triangles of Kimchi Pancake and a bowl of cabbage Kimchi.

First up was our Spicy Topokki, a rich and satisfyingly face melting stew-like dish of rice dough and tofu skin accompanied with a small cup of squid and tofu skin broth.

This dish is an excellent introductory dish to Korean food if you havent had any before, because I feel that it suprises the heck out of you if you think only Malaysians can handle chilli-spicy foods. This rich deep stew is counter balanced with sweet sliced onions and spring onions, dampening the heat of the chilli sauce it is cooked in. The rice dough is amazingly tender, with a gummy texture that encourages you to chew and hence let that amazing hot sauce do its magic in your mouth!

I am not someone who can take spicy foods all that much, but this dish is so good you would want to slowly savour it, but its spicy kick encourages you to cram your maw as fast as you can.

That broth supplied on the side is an incredible salve against the relentless spice. This genious soup, flavoured so mildly with squid and tofu works well to tone down the heat a few notches (and thus more time to finish the dish).

Mid Topokki, our Kimbap arrived. This is a Korean dish that is most reminiscent of Japanese rolled sushi.

The flavour styling is also quite similar (except for the addition of the mayonnaise dots on the plate). Our Korean host and restaurant-proprietor was quick to suggest that we use the slices of Kimbap to mop up the Topokki sauce. This certainly elevated what could have been a mildly flavoured dish.

Then Mom's order of Dolsot Bibimbap arrived. It is a rice dish of cooked chicken slices, raw colourful slices of vegetables and topped with a raw egg in a hot stone(ware) bowl. You enjoy it by stirring everything in the bowl to let it 'cook' and add in squirts of Gojuchang hot-sauce (this is one of the hearts of Korean cuisine). The resultant rice mix takes on a moist 'nasi goreng' like texture, dependant on how fastidiously stirred and turned it is. Word of caution though, this is a sizeable portion and very filling so plan on sharing it with someone.

My main dish of Spicy Beef & Vegetable Soup (Yukgaejang) arrived right after we started stirring our Bimbimbap. 

This dish had a deep beefy flavour yet still strangely light and fresh tasting. The beef slices are brought to a rolling boil and all the other ingredients added- raw veges, strings of mung bean noodle, and cabbage kimchi, before being poured into a stone(ware) bowl. Arriving at our table bubbling and spitting, it comes with a bowl of rice but it can be had on its own. I had to fight off my Mom who was scooping up more of my soup than her own Bibimbap!

Lastly, despite our already stuffed bellies, I ordered a dessert of Yuja (Citrus) Bingsu.

Resembling most to Malaysia's ubiquituous ABC, this dessert however ended being our star dish alongside the Topokki. This bowl layered scoops of vanilla ice cream and globs of orange and lemon slice jam (closest description I can manage) with incredibly smooth shaved milky ice. The result is altogether AMAZING! Cooling, creamy, sweet and sour, mildest hint of bitter from the citrus peels, and thirst quenching. It superbly calmed our palates after the unwavering assault of spicy-delish dishes.

The dishes all totalled to a bit over RM120, with drinks (Calpis Yoghurt Soda and a Mineral Water) but it is money well spent.

Coupled with the fact that our waiter went the extra mile in bringing us the food picture-board and explained the dishes to us and the lovely Korean Host/Proprietor who also always came by to check on us and shared how best to enjoy her offerings, I think we have found another favourite place to eat in Langkawi.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Blind Faith

Originally by Chase & Status, with a more raucuous edge. This cover version by Jack Watts is sung with such abandon and melancholy.

Blind Faith.

I am a man with a heavy heart
And I dare not turn the pages

It's a blind faith
A cruel waste
One bitter taste
And I know I need this sweet sensation

Sweet sensation
Its the music that we play
That will ease your mind

Tell me what is a man to do
When his mind is working all the time
Keep my soul sane
I won't waste
This time and space
'Cause I know I need this sweet sensation

Sweet sensation
Its the music that we play
That will ease your mind
Sweet sensation
Its the music that we play
That will ease your mind

Sweet sensation
Its the music that we play
That will ease your mind.

Monday, 16 May 2016


Their violence, was petty and ignorant, but ultimately it was true to who they were.

The real violence, the violence that I realise was unforgiveable....

Was the violence that we do to ourselves.

When we are too afraid to be who we really are.
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Monday, 9 May 2016

Langkawi Chronicles : Three Amigos!

Stayed in Langkawi for many months and never once had I really gave the restaurant a chance. It was always a maybe next time or, there is no nearby parking spot.

Today however, the was a spot merely 10 meters away and Boss Lady and I swooped in immediately.

We should have eaten here months ago. The portions are sizeable and very satisfying for big eaters like me.

The service is quick and the food preparation didnt take long at all. I ordered to start, a sharing plate of Nachos with Pico de Gallo and it arrived barely 5 minutes later as a plate of crisp corn chips topped with lashings of soured-cream, pico de gallo, jalapeno and spoonfuls of delish tomato/meat sauce.

Then our mains arrived, Beef Fajitas and Mixed Grill Platter of Chicken, Beef and Lambchop Fajitas. These were serious Man-portions of carnivore favourites on a square sizzling hot plate spitting and sputtering at the table, rewarding you with sweet smells of grilled meats and peppers.

As a Chef myself, I know that their recipe is a slight variation on the usually dry rubbed spice mix, resulting in meats that are more succulent (yet just as delicious, with the cajun-like spices) with some gravy to mop up with the flatbread fajitas. We were given 2 slices per order (we were informed one can ask for more, but 2 was plenty). If you love meats with a lot of character, these 2 dishes will surely satisfy.

The chef then dropped by at our table, regaling us with more bits on the restaurant - there are actually 3 restaurants in the same place: Indian, Tex-Mex and Italian, food uses Halal meats (and no alcohol in the food), they do serve alcohol for those who do wish to partake in beers and tipples.

I must say I am thoroughly impressed with the tastes and portion sizes of Three Amigos. Big dinner for 2 costs a about RM140, including drinks. Makes me regret not coming here sooner.

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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Such is life....

It has arrived at long last. Ignorance and pretending all is fine and dandy will no longer suffice.

Many years has progressed yet we have not, so it is only fair to both to exit from the stagnate.

Am I sad? Shattered actually. But, this is better than continuing the pretense and hanging on to false hope.

It was good while it lasted. Many moments were blissful. It has become difficult to recall which ones were great when so many have become long silences.

Hope you do better, better than me even. We deserve the best.
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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Razee In A Gaze

I am more than a mere 10 minute test. However, it is an eerie feeling to realise how close this is to home.

Effin' headshrinkers. :)
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Monday, 2 May 2016

I never seem to ..


Sometimes it us better to say no to people.

Especially when not saying no translates into causing myself some difficulty.

Can't seem to develop the ability to just decline helping people.

Most times I feel stupid for being so easy. Other times, I feel like I have done a good thing.

Many will say I have done a favour and that is a good deed well done.

So, If I have done a good deed, why is it so hard for people to simply return the deed in a fair amount of time?

I never seem to.......


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