Monday, 30 January 2017

Out & About: Satay Adventures - Sate Emas Kajang

Finally, after moving here earlier this month, we got our first hit of Satay Kajang.

Came upon this place via a simple Google search and used Waze to get here. It was an easy enough drive despite the on-going construction works everywhere in Kajang (its the LRT lah, memang everywhere right?).

Langkawi was great for seafood and friends, but getting proper Satay is akin to grasping at straws. Imagine my joy at being able to munch on these morsels-on-a-stick.

As is common for Kajang Satay, the peanut sauce comes in 2 parts - the sweet peanut gravy and the spicy sambal. Diners can mix these 2 based on their desire for that chilli kick. Accompaniments of sliced timun and nasi impit (instant lah!) are also provided, but kenapa tiada hirisan bawang besar ye?

10 sticks each of Chicken, Duck and Mutton.


I would rate this place with 3.5/5 Stars. The meats were a bit on the firm side (some will argue tough, but I like my meats with a bit of bite to it). But the sticks were evidently well marinated and properly cooked.

The gravy it self was a bit on the sweetish side, despite Mak and I going overkill with the sambal. Thankfully I never take the sauce with the satays itself. Only have it with the nasi impit or sliced vegs.

Of course we had to invite the rest of the family for some Satay fun the week after. We had more of course, Limpa (beef spleen) Paru (beef lights), Perut Tembusu (beef small intestine), Perut (beef rumen) and the usual suspects of Beef and Chicken. Hahaha.