Friday, 26 September 2014

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

End of the line brotha!

You may recall that a few months back I was that close to letting a new staff go for being absent from work. Gave the kid a chance, let him rejoin us after a short 'cooling off' period.

All was fine for a few weeks, then he started not showing up for work. Not long stretches of course, just a day of being missing. When contacted, he would not respond either the SMS or the calls we do.

Counselling sessions, Show cause letters an even Warning letters were issued in trying manage this problem of truancy. But alas to no real lasting effect. The kid will be apologetic and be on the straight and narrow. And about a month later it will repeat.

Thus I am certain that a career with us is not what he is after. A  few weeks ago he was absent again and it was his final strike. We were to raise a motion to let him go, but his team mates appealed on his behalf asking to give him a last chance. When he is around he certainly can work sufficiently well. So I relented.

Sat him down with the team to go over the final ground rules and he was told in no uncertain terms that this is the last chance.

A few days back, he did it again. He has already used up his chances and get-out-of-jail tickets. That is that then.


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Kittehs, a year and a bit later.

Here they are now, my two terrors. Absolutely naughty little cats Boy and Girl about 1.2 years after they came to live with me. Now they just rule the household.

Sure, looking cute and meek. Give them 5 minutes and they are up to another mischief. My furniture is scratched to high heaven and they scatter fur EVERYWHERE.

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