Thursday, 19 June 2014

Langkawi Chronicles: Buah Setui

My colleague brought some of these for me to try.

Buah Setui!
These peculiar looking fruits are about the size of Tennis balls with a heavy and rather dense feel. Grows in cluster on the branches of the 'Setul' tree.

Taste? Doesn't taste like much really. Imagine wet cotton with hints of sourish sweet duku/dokong. Yeah. Like I said, not much.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Feather in my cap?

So, it is a wee bit over 18months since I landed a job in Langkawi. Much I have seen and will continue to learn. Growing along with the small but dedicated team of crazies here.

Milestones? Not much really, other than always trying to take up new challenges and ways of doing things. Introduced freshly made Vegan food for Vegan guests, new menu offerings - Private American Burger Barbie party, Chinese Steamboat, Malay Nasi Kukus Ayam Dara, Snack Packs, a more open and customer oriented approach to service and oh yeah, gaining the highest service rating in the history of the resort.

I guess, one can be happy about the little things, taking stock of the price one has to pay, and the sacrifices needed.

Just also realised that in my duration here, 7 people left our employment, due to various reasons. Another will soon follow. Dont know if these cases can be considered as feathers in my cap though.

Still, what should be done, must be done.

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