Monday, 12 September 2016

Dins @ Manhattan Seafood, Cenang Mall

Heya blog, been a while since I last updated with a new eatery to feature. We kind of got into a circuit of revisiting our favourite restaurants. As a result, trying new places we did not.

Mid Ramadhan (yes, months ago!), a new eatery opened in Cenang Mall, replacing my fave Japanese places (sob sob). Manhattan Seafood Market swung open its doors to all.

I generally do not visit a new restaurant, as I believe all new eateries will have teething problems with food quality or service. And so only fairly recently gave it a try.

The menu is similar to the one offered at any other of the same name as it is a franchise. So I wasnt expecting to be wowed by new stuff.

However, the quality here is noticeably better. The seafood tasted fresher, richer and more carefully cooked. I dont think it is because of the local seafood supply. Chain restaurants often used a centralise recipe and supplier to ensure consistency in food quality.

I would hazard that this outlet has good customer turnover so that their food stocks get a good replenishment cycling.

Anyways, Mom and I decided we were going to sample a many dishes as we could finish for this dinner and ordered a few things. Our 2 waiters (and 1 host) were knowledgeable and gave us insights to how big portions were.

First up to start were their Spicy Oyster Shooters. These were fresh and despite not having particularly large oysters per shot, they gave 2 per shooter and topped with a delightfuly sharp, tangy and spicy sambal salsa.
One would think the chilli hit would kill the delicate flavour of oysters but to me it prolonged the richness and metallic tang of the molluscs.

Then our Onion fritters arrived. Essentially sweet onions dipped in batter and fried to crisp golden scoopers. Pair this with their mayo/buttermilk side dip and it was heaven.

Midway our other starter arrived.

Tiny crisp whitebait atop fresh coleslaw. This dish I felt was good, but the portion size was on the small side.

Finally our main courses arrived. Mom's seafood in a pan thing came and my Seafood Curry a few moments later.

These were as expected, very comfortable portions great for filling up the belly. The flavours were punchy, spices full and fragrant and the seafood was cooked nicely. Fish can be a bitch to cook perfectly but these were done well. My slipper lobster too retained its size despite the slow simmering pot a curry dish would demand. I lapped up every single morsel and spoonful of the gravy. Imagine the sourish Indian/Mamak style curry, now imagine dipping toasted slivers of baguette in it and pushing that crunchy yet soaked piece of bread in you mouth. Uhhuh. Yup. Thats what I am talking about.

MFM is definitely not our kind of everyday food place, but for about Rm130 for all the food and 2 drinks (refillable) we can certainly see ourselves coming here for meals.