Sunday, 20 July 2014

Langkawi Chronicles: Team Breaking Of Fast @ City Bayview Hotel, Langkawi

Ramadhan is normally a slow time for us, mainly due to lower bookings from muslim guests. 

Surprisingly, this year, we had a small group utilising the resort for a training session. This allowed us to be creative with food offerings and our staff scheduling. This went well too (as it should, with the solid hardworking team we have).

After all the hard-work, the company then allowed us a get together and we chose City Bayview Hotel for their value for money Ramadhan Buffet spread at RM 68 per person. 

And of course, culinary chaos ensued. We must have eaten a boatload of food!

Yan, Salim and Fariz laying waste to the offerings! These guys are fast!
Starting out small. Heheh! (My first of many dishes)
Buka puasa must always feature kuih melayu. I guess it is a Malaysian thing.
We Love our kuihs.
There is always time for selfies when it comes to these ladies. 
That my dear friends is a whole lotta stuff to stuff one's maw with!
Ladies taking a shot before going for the kill!
Collectively - Ms. Nat, An, Sal, Pari, Pah and Yat!
The men, apparently are just as excited. Happy smiles!
Messieurs Badang, Mamoo S, Mat Boom & wifey and Wan Kecik!
Our resident selfie queen! A.K.A Azizah A.K.A Living Langkawi Google Map!
Two of our newest family members Pon & Rizal. Little in stature, big in appetite! Awesome!
Stuff at the grill counter outdoor!
A parting shot post dinner. Big guy flanked by Mum and Boss Lady, Puan Rohanna!