Thursday, 20 November 2014

A Few Of My Favourite Things: MyBurgerlab

I stole some time off from work recently and ferreted for a food hunt with makan-buddy Yan. He brought me to a burger joint in Paramount Gardens, PJ to MyBurgerlab (they have several outlets, with newest in Sunway, look it up).

Simple enough place, with stools and benches, clearly designed for speed eating (and not malingering, like too many Malaysians love to do), with an open kitchen and no-nonsense approach to service (there isn't any table service).

You come in, wait in line to order your food (and you can count on there being a line), approach the cashier where the menu board is, order your food and pay, grab at ticket number and pick up you food when they ring up your number.

Drinks are essentially bottomless so drink up an ocean from the soda fountain or Iced Lemon Tea barrel.

Then you eat and leave.

They focus their entire efforts on making good burgers - beef, chicken and a few vegetarian options. They offer 7 types of menu items in chicken or beef variants, and another 3 of Vege meals. As sides they have potato fries, sweet potato fries and mushroom fries.

And the food is AMAZING!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Out & About: Mahal Meals in Dubai!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to join the Hotel Manager's Conference in Dubai last week and was relishing the trip. Work aside, it was fun to be able to see how much Dubai has changed since I was last there in 2007 (was it that long ago?).

Sure enough, the vista was totally different, with skyscrapers reaching for the stars everywhere and 12 lane highways cutting across the former desert. Amazing.

The Syeikh Zayed Road was the most surprising. Stretching all the way to Abu Dhabi, this monster of a road was the most prominent change.

Food remained to be a somewhat pricey affair, when compared against Malaysian equivalents. The portions are a tad larger, so one could argue that value for money can still be had.

Tucking in. That large platter, supposedly for 4 persons, was shared by 8.
Even then we could not finish it. Gahh!
Dates and dried fruits were cheaper here though.
But my teeth were screaming due to the cloying sweetness of them all
(I was offered free tasting samples).
Cekik darah Charley's Combo. Steak Grilled Sub with Soda and Spicy Cheese Fries. Good though, so okay la kan, walaupun about 30 Dirhams.
Costa Coffee meal. Tomato Basil Penne (25 Dirhams), 2 Soft Cookie (24 Dirhams)
and a huge tempayan of 4-Shot Long Black (18 Dirhams). This ahem, snack, cost a bomb.
This humble munch and drink costed me 35 Dirhams. Ahahaha!
Crisp nacho chips, with spicy salsa and guacamole dip. The drink was nice,
non-alcoholic soda that had the bouquet of a real Sangria.
Maka, jika di Dubai, jangan tamak mencekik! Hahahahah!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Out & About: KL-Dubai-KL

Took an MH flight to Dubai recently and was very pleasantly surprised that the food quality was very much laudable.

Economy class meals are often maligned for many things - poor taste and appearance, tiny portions, boring dishes and more. But MH has surely demonstrated its un-erring effort for quality and value.

Chicken Biryani, Bread Roll & Crackers with butter, a Coleslaw, Pandan cake pudding and of course choice of cold Soda/Wine and Hot beverages. Even the light meal was a sizeable Egg Mayo Croissant Sandwich.

Good ballast i tell you.

On the way home, a few days later, it was another round of good food.

The pasta was coated in the sweet and sour tomato Sofrito-like sauce and topped with really moist chicken tenders. Succulent was the name of the game here. The Cuke & Tomato salad i suspect had a dash of sharp Sumac powder. Dessert also had a complementary flavour, gently rounding off the sour notes of the main dish with sweeter hints of syrup macerated sour cherries.

The pre-landing Sarnie was Chicken Mayo and that was good too, though i personally prefered the softer, smooshier Egg Mayo on the coming flight.

A win for airline food quality all round.
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