Sunday, 25 May 2014

RANT ALERT! GPS Tracker Implant.

Gawd, why do you have the need to call like every single time, asking where I am at.

I have already told you that I am at work! Where else do you think I would be at? If I told you I am at work, I will be at work. Why would I need to lie?

My work requires me to be the 'face' of the resort, therefore I will be there until my guests are satisfied and end their day in bed (even then my guests might still need me).

I am only a cog in a well oiled machinery. Should I not move like how I am supposed to, the whole machine will not run smoothly.

So, if you dont believe me, should I implant a gps tracker so you can find me wherever you need?


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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Tough Times

Been having a rough few weeks now. One heavy occupancy, followed by an inspection, added with regulatory recertifications of machinery, topped with VIP stay.

Ugh! The hardest challenge yet, having them all come in succession with no real breathing space in between to unwind.

What I learned is that keeping moving forward is the best way to knock down these challenges and come out tops.

I need to:

1) Take charge. Make plans, and decide on course of action. Convince higher-ups that my way is the best way.

2) Shore up your team. Give them the support & tools they need. Supplement manpower levels to desired level to achieve targets. Then we fight on.

3) Establish tracking mechanisms. Reward & Penalty systems must come into play.

4) Maintain energy for self and team. Conduct regular storm-the-brain sessions to seek ideas and new ways of doing things. And to see if current way is ideal or needing quick fixes.

5) Document everything! Communication, Approvals, Delays, Successes. These can be one's bullets in future gunfight (if it comes to that, at all!).

6) Enjoy the fruits!