Thursday, 30 July 2015

Langkawi Chronicles: Detour? Temporary Reprieve?

So, Ramadhan has passed and we are well into Syawal.

I have finally made the decision to stay on here in Langkawi in my present role.

I still have much to do here, and leaving the team would feel like a desertion. Might as well as get into the swing of things.

My boss managed to convince me that I can still be of use to her and our client. Strange though, hearing that our client actually prefer having me around and that my time here so far has brought in the kind of change they desire.

Certainly a boost to my occasionally floundering self-esteem. Saddest yet was having to decline the offer that I got. No guarantees of course for the future, but it would have been a wonderful time working with a new company.

That said, I have accepted and decided to stay.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Langkawi Chronicles: Riang Ria Ramadan

As the years before, our small RHR Family in Langkawi will congregate and munch on glorious Ramadan food in celebration of the month and of each other.

This year we were at Ombak Villa , Langkawi Lagoon where we ate and laughed and ate some more!

What a wonderful night!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Langkawi Chronicles: The Fork In The Road.

It has come. Another change in direction. One I hope will bring further improvement in my career and life.

Don't know how I will break the news to my team. Hard enough thinking about it.

I must overcome mere sentiments and look beyond. After all, whoever I am right now is also because of bosses from MCSB, MAS and RHR.

Their best parts are in me. So, it is like I am spreading their gospel too.

My former bosses Kamizi Hamid and more-so, Pn Suhaila Samsudin were process driven ball-busters, demanding SOPs and guidelines.

Mr. Sabri Sharif deftly demonstrated the power of carefully worded speech and writing. and trusting in the fact that your staff also desire to give their best.

Mr. Chong Kwong Check from MCSB showed me that being a leader sometimes mean taking the blows and misplaced hate for overall good.

Pn Rohanna Ramli, the true meaning of the 'R' in RHR, poured motherly love and professional expectation in equal measure. Planting herself square in the firing range if needed for her team.

I am richer for it now. Their best I use and adapt. Their worst, if any existed, I will learn to keep away along with my own.

There will be much to do before my departure. Things to be said. And put in order.

I have called this Island home for over 30 months now and it feels strange to have to say goodbye. I realise suddenly that I dont have that many photographs of Langkawi. I do have plenty of memories though, of cooking and eating with my team, of slogging long hours until our legs feel like jelly, of wearing the happy face while holding back tiredness, and of wonderful rip-roaring laughter at bawdy and ribald jokes.

Saying farewell would be the hardest.

I pray for a new and enriching future for all. Insya-Allah.

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