Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Of Changing Lanes & Tough Decisions.

I noticed a lonely letter on my table this afternoon after my usual resort-supply run. Opened it and lo and behold it was a resignation letter from a staff of mine. 

Rather strangely, I was glad the letter was tendered. I felt that it was the most logical thing that was to be done in the circumstance. 

I have been demanding of late, insisting that my team carry their weight in the final few months to win the contract extension to manage the resort. Plans were drafted, strategies plotted and deadlines assigned. 

And of course not enough was being done, made even worse by the lack of pace keeping. The backlog of work grew from a mere pile to size able hill, and this corresponded with my increasing terseness in dealing with failure to meet targets. 

Does this make the person a bad staff? Not necessarily. Does this make me a slave-driver? With the jobs of the entire team on the line? I don't think so. I guess this staff decided that our goals and targets did not coincide any more. 

Then another staff, got into some trouble with the law, which in a worst-case scenario, may result in employment termination. What would happen to this person's family and livelihood? Historical record suggest that there was already a similar issue in the past, by the same person at that, where the previous team took a more palatable lenient route (easy route?). Repetition of the same error as in this situation, suggest some people choose to not grow and learn from past mistakes. 

Processes need to be adhered to, and policies followed. What would happen to the image of the company and/or of the resort? Being lenient could mistakenly signal that the company condones such a major misconduct. 

I have decided on a course of action, but that does not make it any less hard to execute. 


Monday, 20 January 2014

Langkawi Chronicles: A day in the life of a resort keeper!

Snake: Nom nom nom nom!

Snake: Uh oh.... must nom quikly!

Me : Heeebie Jeeebies! *Shudders*

Snake: Escape, escape! *Rolls around ineffectively*



Thursday, 2 January 2014

Here's to 2013!

An entire year just flew by. 

I have been in Langkawi for more than a year now (14 months & 1 day!). I sure miss certain aspects for my life back in KL - the food & shopping and my friends most of all. But then, I am feeling that Langkawi is doing me more and more good. 

It feels different and new and exciting (and infuriating even), to be part of a team that is completely different in their ways, yet totally the same the next breath when compared to my former colleagues. 

So here's what I got to say about last year. 

Salam 2014!