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Langkawi Chronicles: Pasta For Lunch

Had this for lunch today, lovingly prepared by Chef Montel of BWR Sdn Bhd in Langkawi Parade Mall, at one of his food outlet.

Rich and creamy with a bit of sweetness brought about by the addition of thin slices of tender beef. Yum!

Polished off the dish and the side order of Fries. :)

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Langkawi Chronicles : Lunch at Secret Recipe Cenang.

So earlier this month, the Housekeeping Ladies and I on a whim decided to grab lunch together.

Realising we all had very short lunch break times, we opted for the closest venue to work - Secret Recipe.

A gaggle of us quickly ordered and noisily munched our meals and strawed our drinks (we dont muck about with food and work!).

Then, realising we still had space in our bellies, we had a round of desserts. Cakes mostly, as Secret Recipe offers quite the selection.

All in all the bill worked out to just under Rm300 which is good value for 8 persons.

Leta do this again next month ya.

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