Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Malaysian 14th General Elections

That time of year is upon us Malaysia. Let us all go and cast our votes for a better tomorrow for ourselves, our children and our nation's future.

There is still time. If you have already registered, check your polling station and go exercise your constitutional right.

We owe it to ourselves and to the country. Do not silence your voice. Vote!


Sunday, 31 December 2017

A Splinter

Today, out of the blue, Mom told me she sometimes feel guilty that I am not married probably because I have to take care of her.

I know it is supposed to make me happy. But somehow, I feel some small part of just died inside for her to think that way.

The human heart and mind can be such a mindfield sometimes.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Movie Review: Tamam Miyiz (Are We OK?)

Stumbled upon this movie on Youtube during one of my usual forays of interesting stuff to watch, you know, beyond the usual Fail and Crash videos. I decided to just sit back and enjoy the thing.

The story to me in essence is about 2 people finding each other and then realising the value of how ones life can positively impact another. The delivery of this is done through a somewhat difficult to believe (forgive my logical head) dream sequence, where the protagonist, Temmuz, dreams of a young boy asking to find him. 

Temmuz, an artist who seems to be living a carefree and almost bohemian no-fucks-to-give lifestyle is stuck in an artistic rut, stemming from complicated relationship with his parents and significant other. 

Then on day, while with his agent/best friend, he sees the same exact boy in his dream, a disabled one at that, being wheeled around by an elderly woman. This shocks him into action and he shadows them to find a means to introduce himself.

Thoroughly intrigued, Temmuz devises a way to segue himself into their lives as a social work volunteer, offering a regular book reading session to the boy to answer the burning questions in his mind. 

The story arc picks up when Temmuz finally commences their reading session when Ihsan, the boy, pointblank asks him what does he want from them. Cornered, Temmuz decides to come clean and explain about his haunting dream. Surprised as Ihsan was, he accepts Temmuz's offer, in return for a favour - to be killed, so that in death he can meet God to ask if God loved him at all to have created him that way. What ensues after is the beginning of a unique relationship between the two and all those closest to them. 

I wont be spoiling the movie more than I already have, but I must declare that the movie had such a powerful impact on me I dwelled on it for days. 

The actors playing Temmuz and Ihsan respectively were very effective in their roles. I particularly appreciated how Ihsan, the disabled boy was the one who appeared emotionally stronger and centred despite his apparent situation and Temmuz the rich spoiled artiste being shaped by his encounter with Ihsan. It is a wonderful hypothesis of how one person can deeply affect another. 

As their relationship progresses, the spectre of Ihsan's request looms closer  as the dynamic of their shared passion and vigour grows. We are then confronted with the truth of Ihsan's desire contrasted against Temmuz unfocused approach to life.

The tale culminates in a heart pounding crescendo that will forever change their lives. I ended the movie feeling out of sorts and questioning if any of us could ever be in either Temmuz's or Ihsan's figurative shoes,

Of course, the film is not without its failings - the pacing, the supporting characters, and the general feeling of how convenient it all seemed, does affect the believability of the story. The sometimes cartoony CGI employed also detracted from the moment. The actors Deniz Celiloglu and Aras Bulut Iynemli to me, carried the entire emotional heft of the movie between themselves. Deniz keeping Temmuz's heart on the backburner and Aras displaying all using only his face and expressive eyes. 

Another bit I found to be worth of note is the Turkish language used in the film adds so much beauty, at moments sounding Arabic (or Abrahamaic in origin) and in others more aurally Hindi. It just rolls off their mouths with no jarring sounds and just flows into the balmy, sun-tinged videography.

For the time being, the movie can be found on YouTube and watched for free on the YT panel above or this link - . Feel free to view it and tell me what you think. 

I definitely consider this one of my favourite movie.