Thursday, 31 October 2013

Forward Ho!

A few moments ago I made a decision that will change my life.

I don't know if it would be a success or a disaster.

All I know is that both outcomes will be better than the situation I had put 
and allowed myself to be in before.

I am moving on. 

Thank you friends! You guys are the best!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Post Get Together Feels

Eclipse by zyOrg

The stars must have aligned or something.

I got to meet up with my friends from my ex-Department in MAS for a dinner at Pappa Rich in Citta Mall. 

It was lovely really, seeing them, although we didn't really seem to say much (well, for me I was somewhat subdued this night) but we certainly revelled in each others presence over lashings of local kopitiam food. 

One just went for a promotion interview (which I am confident she will get). Another is stuck with a dead weight of a superior and it makes me sad. At least another two chaps are doing just fine, dealing with the work with their usual gusto. One seems to be totally unencumbered by the professional & emotional disasters surrounding all of them. I was told by one, that another former colleague had an incorrigible I'll-knife-you-in-the-back attitude (this is a shocker!).

Many new things are happening with MAS, and I am happy about that, which makes the possibility of coming back somewhat more appealing. But of course, reality being what it is, I must certainly weigh all the options before I do make a decision.

I think I am happy with my new job (Am I really?), it has its own unique challenges, but oh, I really do miss the crackling energy of working on large scale project development the way I did formerly. 

And the deadline is looming closer still.

I know you guys will wish me the best.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Videographing A Talent!

Another first today. I was nominated by my boss to be one of the faces of the company for the group wide re-branding.

Let me tell you it was a surreal situation. All them host of cameras, vid-cams, wires, microphones and director and filming crew, did not make it easier at all.

I had already memorised the text, and I wrongly thought I breeze through it. Uhhuhh!

Man was I so wrong!

Sure, we made some text adjustments on the fly (in fact, I suggested some of the changes) but my pretend preparedness was quickly blown sky high by what was actually required.

They must have thought all I could muster were varying degrees of solemn!
Everything needed to be amplified - bigger smiles, sitting straight, talking clearly and sufficiently loud, composure and head angles, all in the desire to simulate a ‘spontaneous‘ & ‘natural' feel to the end result.

I don't think I ever worked my 14 smile muscles as much as I did today.

The director was thankfully very forgiving, and so were the video team, coaching me along the way, so it wasn't all bad in the end.

Shooting was done in bite-sized pieces, allowing me to suppress my camera-shyness.

I wont be able to see the video until well after the first week of November, after the re-brand unveiling.

Hope I did a good job!

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