Sunday, 7 December 2014

Langkawi Chronicles: A Few Of My Favourite Things - Mee Sup Utara

I was introduced to this by my colleague during one of our resort supply runs. As is usual for me, eating rice a-la Nasi Campur is not my Lunch thing so when she suggested some soupy noodles I was quick to say yes.

This lovely bowl of super Mangkuk Special Besar Mee Sup is obtainable from No7 Sup Utara in Jalan Penarak, Langkawi.

Their version offers a very clean tasting clear soup with a mildly fragrant aroma of star anise and cloves with a light yet long finishing beefy taste.

One has the option of having yellow mee, turmeric stained bee-hoon or silky koay teow topped with choice of beef slices, shredded chicken, tripe, tendons, and all those other glorious offals (or a combination of all like the way I take mine), sliced fried tofu, shredded pickled white radish and sliced spring onions before being sloshed with the beefy soup.

This place opens for Lunch only, also offers Nasi Campur and beverages (try their ABC).

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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Langkawi Chronicles: A Few Of My Favourite Things - Seafood Hor Muk

This is a Thai specialty called Hor-Muk which is essentially chopped chunks of fish, shrimp, squid and whatever other types of seafood, mixed with spices (mainly Thai red curry paste), herbs and eggs and steamed to a glorious fragrant dish.

It is sometimes steamed in a whole coconut (they add the juice n coconut flesh also occasionally) and this mehod results in a far more juicy n moist concoction.

Come to Langkawi and try this at Wan Thai Restaurant in the Arked Pokok Asam/Padang Pasir area.

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Friday, 5 December 2014

Langkawi Chronicles: DITLO A Resort Manager.

Q: Errr, boss, nak mintak balik la boleh tak?

A: Kenapa? Apa hal yang penting sangat?

Q: Lembu saya nak beranak tapi anaknya sangkut!

A: (Errrrrrr!)

     Ok. Isi borang 'Out-Going', nanti aku tandatangan. Masa
     hilang perlu diganti ya.

Teeheehee heeee!