Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Langkawi Sojourn

It has finally happened. I find myself in Langkawi.

Started the journey at an ungodly 3a.m on 31 October and after about 5 hours of measured driving, I reached Kuala Kedah jetty. 

Booked my car to be overnight-ed to the island and then got myself a water shuttle for Kuah.

A noisy ferry ride later I was back in Langkawi after years of not setting foot here.

Locals have said that everyone who imbibes the water from Gunung Raya will return to the island time and again. Curious urban legend considering most of Langkawi's water supply actually comes from the same mountain!

I have fond memories of this place, first as a 'petit stagierre' years ago on an industrial culinary attachment, then again as a tourist. Years later I came back for some F&B related development for the MH Airline Lounge. 

Now I am here again. 


Monday, 22 October 2012

Almost there!

I have barely  2 weeks before I embark on a new chapter in my career (is that even the right operating word here?). 

Just a few more hoops to jump through and all will be set. 

I have grown quite a bit because of all that has happened, at least I think I did, professionally and emotionally. There was real interesting people along the way. Some of them nice, some of them great and some of the astounding (from both sides of the spectrum of course). 

I would like to think that I have learned many things from all of them, and God willing, soon I will have the wisdom to recall in great detail the individual lessons. 

As expected, the closer the date looms, the more jittery I get, but I guess that is normal to feel, considering I have been with MH for a long while. I know I will miss my friends and colleagues, some of which who are deeply more than just acquaintances. 

Oh the melancholy, I am still here but I already miss them. 

This is for you guys out there, you know who you are ya!

A cover of Lady Antebellum's - Need You Now, by Charlie Puth and Emily Luther

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Of Life & Bungee Jumping.

Nice to have tall friends huh?

The offer came in today, after long last.

I know I want it, but there is still a hint of hesitation in me. Fear of the unknown and the forthcoming possibilities. Changing jobs after being with one establishment for most of my professional career has its own set of probabilities (and worries).

Hard to reconcile that I was loyal, if loyal is indeed the right description here, for more than 10 years. I had the best of times, and the worst, all things considered.

Mum found out and she wasn't exactly ecstatic about the possible change. But I think I got through to her the fact that I needed to try something else. And that it isn't only about financial gains, but of broadening my experience and talent.

GF also in my mind at least, seemed a little sad. She is definitely happy for me, knowing the full extent of situation resultant from my departmental transfer, but I also risk our relationship. The distance could be a serious impediment to our being together.

Siblings both gave their views after I asked. And they both offered insights like no other.

My best friend gave me solid advice - "We won't know whether Bungee-ing is fun until after the jump".

Time to step off the ledge then.